DC Protection


MCG-12A - MCG-130A

Direct current equipment level surge protectors are designed to protect up to 15A of continuous DC load current. The MCG-12A-MCG-130A installs at or within equipment such as DC servo mechanisms, fire alarm monitoring systems, security system controls, telecom and datacom systems, etc. to provide compact, heavy duty surge suppression.

The units clamp excess transient over voltages in less than 5 nanoseconds and automatically reset -- ready for the next transient. A green LED verifies that protection is present. The DC protector's low-profile enclosure (4.95" X 2.85" X 1.25") uses industrial-grade high-impact plastic and installs quickly via solder less screw terminals.

Typical suppression at 50A using an 8/20 waveform ranges from 34V to 200V. Clamp voltages at 1mA peak is 18V 150V. Surge energy absorption (in joules, 10/1000us) exceeds 455j. MCOV: 125% rated voltage.

Model Rated Voltage Clamp Voltage Joules Typical Suppression Data Sheet Installation
MCG-12A 12VDC 18V 66 j 34V PDF PDF
MCG-24A 24VDC 33V 138 j 53V PDF PDF
MCG-32A 32VDC 47V 198 j 84V PDF PDF
MCG-48A 48VDC 68V 278 j 106V PDF PDF
MCG-130A 130VDC 150V 455 j 200V PDF PDF

Made in the USA UL Listed, CE, NEMA LS1